• JavaScript, Ember.js, Vue.js, React, Webpack
  • Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Clojure, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySql, Docker
  • Arduino, Processing
  • WordPress, CraftCMS, Contentful, Shopify
  • Agile, Scrum, Test-driven Development, Test Automation, Monitoring, Analytics
  • User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Usability, Accessibility


PillPack, 2017 to Present


Focused on engineering of customer-facing products such as the customer dashboard and signup flows. Delivered on measurable improvements to customer outcomes.

Provided leadership for Front End Engineering practices at PillPack by starting Front End office hours and directing the hiring of new customer-focussed engineers.

Projects: Signup Flow, Customer Dashboard, Referral Program, Prescription History, Solano Continuous Integration, Front End Deployments, Accessibility

Upstatement, 2014 to 2017

Developer & Project Lead

Led teams of developers and designers and coordinated with outside tech teams to create high-end digital products and performant, maintainable software in an Agile process.

Supported continued iteration on products by providing training and documentation to client tech teams and Upstatement’s stewardship team.

Clients: Random House, Esri, Foundation Medicine, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kuveé, The Hechinger Report, Harvard Law Review

DockYard, 2014

UX Development Intern

Executed pixel-perfect implementations of interactive designs with front-end best practices.

Clients: RubyGems, McGraw Hill, Learnivore

The most secure code is the code never written.

The most reliable code is the code never written.

The fastest code is the code never written.

Ancient Programming Proverb

Programmers know the benefits of everything and the tradeoffs of nothing.

Rich Hickey

Something happened a few years ago in web browser land... the browser transformed from being an awesome interactive document viewer into being the world’s most advanced, widely-distributed application runtime.

Tom Dale

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.

Bill Gates

What are you going to make this year that doesn't have the word “sketch” in the title? That doesn't have the word “study”, “experiment”, or “test”?

Andrew Bell

Working software is the primary measure of progress.

The Agile Manifesto

My app is not a special snowflake.

Ancient Programming Proverb

We can do this the right way or the wrong way. Both take the same amount of time.

Pete Karl


young bill gates lying down surrounded by computers with animated gifs on screen


collage with steve wozniak holding giant Newton with mario point on screen


alan kay sitting at computer with animated kid dancing on screen


nolan bushnell at atari with old computers showing flying toasters screen savers


1960's photo of doug englebart at a computer with animated max headroom on screen behind him


collage of ada lovelace holding ipad and wearing google glass


animated gif of steve jobs and a macintosh with a windows logo spinning on the screen


grace hopper drawing with mac paint on an old, giant computer


Northeastern, 2014

M.P.S. Interactive Digital Media

Boston University, 2005

B.S. Communications, Film Production